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The Red Notebook

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Free (GPL)
  • Windows XP
Latest version:
0.8.2 05/08/09
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The Red Notebook is fully compatible with:

  • Windows XP
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Available languages

  • English


Recent changes

  • Blacklist for clouds in GUI
  • Let the search function highlight found words
  • Fix line breaks for exports
  • Fix opening files on Mac
  • Add little section about comments to Help text
  • Fix size for insert icon by using a stock icon
  • Do not use small toolbar icon sizes (LP:405991)
  • make font size configurable (under preferences)
  • Add line breaks (under insert menu)
  • Add a whitespace char between adjacent lines
  • Fix: Win Version should use smaller insert-image icon (16x16)
  • Graphical preferences dialog (Under "Edit" menu)
  • Make date/time format configurable in the preferences dialog
  • Fix unicode bugs
  • Undu and redo for the main text
  • Use libyaml for faster loading and dumping of files (Big journals now open ~10 times faster)
  • Speed improvements for navigation between days
  • Add information for Latex to PDF conversion
  • Shortcut for turning on/off the preview: Ctrl+P
  • New entry in Edit menu: "Find"
  • Append error messages to the logfile
  • Use new svn version of txt2tags
  • Fix URL and file link insertion
  • Buttons for bold, italic, underlined text
  • Fixed hardy bug: yaml 3.05 does not have __version__ attribute
  • Removed shebangs from python modules (Closes LP:393602)
  • Create ~/.rednotebook dir before logging is initialized (Closes LP:392235)
  • Set native theme for windows version
  • Only save months that have been visited for a faster exit
  • Improve logging
  • Automatically create a logfile for debugging
  • Fix: Check if directory exists before opening it
  • Choose a folder for journal (Save-As)
  • Have more than one journal (New Journal)
  • Open existing journals (Open Journal)
  • Open and create template files from within RedNotebook
  • Live update of template list
  • Fix opening files for Win
  • Arbitrarily named templates
  • Enable copy/paste in categories edit box
  • Live update of clouds after categories have been edited
  • Reenable stricken text
  • Select individual categories to export
  • Export only text, or only categories, or both
  • Handle local file opening
  • Double-clicks on links in the preview open the link with the preferred app
  • Categories can be edited with right mouse clicks:
  • Click on an existing category then right mouse click to add a new entry
  • Link template files
  • Make toolbars equally sized
  • Delete GTKMozembed cruft
  • Delete module (originally taken from listen-project)
  • Delete markup cruft
  • Drop GTKMozembed dependency
  • Add keepnote modules
  • remove numbered lists
  • Minor Bugfixes
  • Make deb package Python 2.6 compatible
  • Add yaml-parser error handling
  • Fix inserting file links containing whitespace
  • Fix: A modified category and tag name is not modified in the category drop
  • down list until you reload the application.
  • Fix: Cloud words should have the same color as text words (LP:353738)
  • Ignore list for clouds (Mark word(s) in cloud, right-click and select "Hide")
  • Keyboard shortcuts for inserting pictures, files, links and the date
  • Easier Tagging (Added tag button)
  • New-Entry-Dialog: Show previous tags in drop-down menu when "Tags" is selected as category
  • New-Entry-Dialog: Only make a new entry submittable, if text has been entered
  • Shortcuts to navigate between days ( + PageUp, + PageDown)
  • Check xulrunner paths at startup
  • Made Windows installer
  • Add an option to insert the current time and date
  • Save divider positions and frame size
  • Add new statistics
  • Disable GTKMozembed automatically if RedNotebook crashes
  • Content is automatically saved every ten minutes
  • Fix Debian/Jaunty Bug (LP:340101)
  • New types to insert: Bullet List, Numbered List, Title, Line
  • Allow linking of files
  • Allow embedding images
  • Links and mail addresses are recognized automatically
  • Adding named links to websites is now possible
  • Better documentation
  • Organize writing by day
  • Good search tool
  • Free
  • Can't import images or use HTML

"Professional Alternatives ?"

Hi Jon -- You mention RedNotebook is not up to serious use. I would like to find such a program to use for both work and home. Could you please suggest other programs that may be up to professional use ? Please PM if you could.

Best Regards, and Happy New Year ! -NJ


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05 Jan 2011

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