The Red Notebook

The Red Notebook 0.8.2

A free desktop diary

RedNotebook is an free notebook/diary for windows where you can store your ideas and activites by day, through a calendar. View full description


  • Organize writing by day
  • Good search tool
  • Free


  • Can't import images or use HTML

Not bad

RedNotebook is an free notebook/diary for windows where you can store your ideas and activites by day, through a calendar.

This is a fairly basic diary - it offers no integration with other calendar programs, but if you want somewhere to easy record your thoughts on a daily basis, this works quite well. The best feature of RedNotebook is its autosaving - you certainly won't accidentally lose things, as it's all saved as you go along. The main text window allows text to be formatted in bold, italic or underlined, but there are no options to change the size, font or color.

On the right is a category bar, where you can add categories, and a little infotmation to each. This is isn't linked to diary posts, rather it's another way of recording info for a particular day. The left hand bar features the calendar, and a large window for either searching your entries, or displaying a word cloud of most often used words or tags.

For personal use, ReNotebook is a reasonable free program, and with its export and backup features is quite secure. It's not really suitable for professional usage, as it is too basic, and is restricted to text only.

RedNotebook is a competent, though basic, diary for your windows desktop


  • Blacklist for clouds in GUI
  • Let the search function highlight found words
  • Fix line breaks for exports
  • Fix opening files on Mac
  • Add little section about comments to Help text
  • Fix size for insert icon by using a stock icon
  • Do not use small toolbar icon sizes (LP:405991)
  • make font size configurable (under preferences)
  • Add line breaks (under insert menu)
  • Add a whitespace char between adjacent lines
  • Fix: Win Version should use smaller insert-image icon (16x16)
  • Graphical preferences dialog (Under "Edit" menu)
  • Make date/time format configurable in the preferences dialog
  • Fix unicode bugs
  • Undu and redo for the main text
  • Use libyaml for faster loading and dumping of files (Big journals now open ~10 times faster)
  • Speed improvements for navigation between days
  • Add information for Latex to PDF conversion
  • Shortcut for turning on/off the preview: Ctrl+P
  • New entry in Edit menu: "Find"
  • Append error messages to the logfile
  • Use new svn version of txt2tags
  • Fix URL and file link insertion
  • Buttons for bold, italic, underlined text
  • Fixed hardy bug: yaml 3.05 does not have __version__ attribute
  • Removed shebangs from python modules (Closes LP:393602)
  • Create ~/.rednotebook dir before logging is initialized (Closes LP:392235)
  • Set native theme for windows version
  • Only save months that have been visited for a faster exit
  • Improve logging
  • Automatically create a logfile for debugging
  • Fix: Check if directory exists before opening it
  • Choose a folder for journal (Save-As)
  • Have more than one journal (New Journal)
  • Open existing journals (Open Journal)
  • Open and create template files from within RedNotebook
  • Live update of template list
  • Fix opening files for Win
  • Arbitrarily named templates
  • Enable copy/paste in categories edit box
  • Live update of clouds after categories have been edited
  • Reenable stricken text
  • Select individual categories to export
  • Export only text, or only categories, or both
  • Handle local file opening
  • Double-clicks on links in the preview open the link with the preferred app
  • Categories can be edited with right mouse clicks:
  • Click on an existing category then right mouse click to add a new entry
  • Link template files
  • Make toolbars equally sized
  • Delete GTKMozembed cruft
  • Delete module (originally taken from listen-project)
  • Delete markup cruft
  • Drop GTKMozembed dependency
  • Add keepnote modules
  • remove numbered lists
  • Minor Bugfixes
  • Make deb package Python 2.6 compatible
  • Add yaml-parser error handling
  • Fix inserting file links containing whitespace
  • Fix: A modified category and tag name is not modified in the category drop
  • down list until you reload the application.
  • Fix: Cloud words should have the same color as text words (LP:353738)
  • Ignore list for clouds (Mark word(s) in cloud, right-click and select "Hide")
  • Keyboard shortcuts for inserting pictures, files, links and the date
  • Easier Tagging (Added tag button)
  • New-Entry-Dialog: Show previous tags in drop-down menu when "Tags" is selected as category
  • New-Entry-Dialog: Only make a new entry submittable, if text has been entered
  • Shortcuts to navigate between days ( + PageUp, + PageDown)
  • Check xulrunner paths at startup
  • Made Windows installer
  • Add an option to insert the current time and date
  • Save divider positions and frame size
  • Add new statistics
  • Disable GTKMozembed automatically if RedNotebook crashes
  • Content is automatically saved every ten minutes
  • Fix Debian/Jaunty Bug (LP:340101)
  • New types to insert: Bullet List, Numbered List, Title, Line
  • Allow linking of files
  • Allow embedding images
  • Links and mail addresses are recognized automatically
  • Adding named links to websites is now possible
  • Better documentation
The Red Notebook


The Red Notebook 0.8.2

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